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5 Secrets For Better Sleeping and Fee...

morning waking up

They say that there’s nothing more refreshing than a good night’s sleep, but if you are someone who tosses and turns, that feels like a bad joke! The truth is that good sleep is essential to your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Whether you’ve been having some trouble drifting off or you just think that […]

Unnecessary Cosmetics! Cosmetic Produ...

Unnecessary Cosmetics! Cosmetic Products You Don’t Need!

Consider how long you have some cosmetic products that you don’t use. Dermatologists have made ​​a list of five products that are completely unnecessary and useless. This is also a good way to save your money. Anti Cellulite Creams You don’t need this stuff. Why? Simple: It doesn’t work.There is no lotion, cream or foam […]

5 Things That You Cannot Share With N...

make up

1. SOAP ! Soap is used for personal hygiene, you can not share soap because soap can transmit a variety of bacteria. 2. HAIRBRUSH ! All you put on your head you do not share with anyone, this includes and bedding that touch your face and head. It is important that these items are only yours, […]

Top 4 Home Beauty Tricks !

olive oil mask

  To look nice is not  always necessary to buy expensive beauty products.  You probably have some of the natural ingredients that can help you to look beautiful at home. Check out what potatoes, olive oil or butter  can do for your beauty. Potato This vegetable can help you  to remove dark circles. Put raw, […]