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2 Powerful Advice From Men That Every...

I have to share with you what I’ve heard couple of days ago from two very good friends of mine – I won’t say or use their names because I don’t want to make them upset. I started hearing the comments lately “I hope you won’t put me in your blog” :-), not only from […]

Make Him Realize How Important You Ar...

sad couple

You love him a lot and he loves you too. Things were pretty good between both of you in the beginning, but lately something seems to be not fine. You hardly find time to spend for each other, and it is because of his busy schedule. It is annoying you, but there is nothing much […]

9 Powerful Love Advices From Celebrit...


It not really easy to keep marriage or be in quality relationship, and this is especially true of the famous celebrities whose private lives dragged by the media. Despite this, some of their statements and attitudes may help you. “Trust is very important in a relationship. I do not like someone saying what he thinks […]