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“Sex and the City” Contin...

sex and the city 111

Living in New York City requires you to be attached by umbilical cord to your phone. First of all, it gives you the opportunity to talk to your friends any time and anywhere, not to miss their calls or messages, it gives you opportunity to attend a business meeting without actually having to be there, […]

2 Powerful Advice From Men That Every...


I have to share with you what I’ve heard couple of days ago from two very good friends of mine – I won’t say or use their names because I don’t want to make them upset. I started hearing the comments lately “I hope you won’t put me in your blog” :-), not only from […]

I Will Never Do it Again! 5 Reasons W...

rebound relationship - female fatal

My Dears I’m absolutely sure that you experienced rebound relationship at least once in life. Did you? I’m presenting you the story our loyal reader Sarah Williams. Let me know do you agree with her :-)? Therefore enjoy in reading and I hope you will exclamations lesson from this ;-). Sarah Williams is a full-time […]

What do Men Really Think About Your B...

nice ....

Perhaps this will shock you my dears, but men look at your body different than you do. When you look in the mirror, you see all the possible flaws, but when your man looks at you, he sees a woman that he would like to end up in bed with, sooner or later. There is […]

7 Types of Men you Should Not Marry!

bradley cooper mom

My dears have you’ve ever heard of a priest Pat Connor? He is the author of the book “For whom you should not get married”, and this book is written from his experience with premarital courses that it holds. I am set aside for you seven essential characteristics of men for whom you should not […]

9 Powerful Love Advices From Celebrit...


It not really easy to keep marriage or be in quality relationship, and this is especially true of the famous celebrities whose private lives dragged by the media. Despite this, some of their statements and attitudes may help you. “Trust is very important in a relationship. I do not like someone saying what he thinks […]

Do You Know How to Flirt? Be The Mast...

Woman flirting with uninterested male friend

Flirting is a skill that not all girls have. Some of them know how to use it, some of them don’t. If you wanna be the master of flirting, you’ll have to follow this simple rules. First of all, you have to understand how men are flirting. So, there are two basic kinds of men […]

Have You Ever Asked Yourself Why Men ...

2002 Femme Fatale

I think we can all agree that men like bad girls. The question is – why? Here are some of the reasons, and I’m pretty sure that every guy can add more reasons to this list. THEY ARE NOT LOOKING FOR A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, but this is how the […]

If You Want to Turn ON Your Man– Don&...


The biggest turn offs or better said, don’t do this to your man if you want to have good sex life . And the list goes like this: 1. Too much make up – Although make up makes you look pritty, too much make up is one of of the biggest turn offs for men. […]

Mission In-possible! Try To Understan...

Sad man

Understanding the opposite gender was, is and will be a challenge. There is absolutely no magic potion that can make people understand the opposite gender, or better yet, their significant other. Women have asked the same question over and over again: How to understand men? Bear in mind that men have asked the same thing, […]

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