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Pretty Woman

Do You Feel Pretty?

I don’t have much time to watch movies, even though I love movies. I usually choose comedies, sci-fi, or psycho-trillers, depending on my mood. A couple of days ago, I choose one with an interesting title – I feel pretty. Sounded like something romantic, predictable, silly, all that was exactly what I need in that […]

Find Out How To Awake Feminine Energy Within You!

Whether you are a woman or a man, you have both energies inside of you. The question is which one dominates, and how to use it into your advantage. Let’s first see what prejudices there are about women. Over the centuries, a woman was a synonym for something gentle, chatty, reckless, powerless, co-dependency, over-sensitivity, and […]

Do You Know That He Won’t Make You Happy?

A really good friend of mine got divorced a couple of months ago. She was in a marriage for two years, and in a relationship for 8 years. Almost 10 years she spends with this man. Everything was great, until a month after weeding. He started to behave strangely. She wanted to speak to him, […]

Team Fashion 2015

Do You Belive That Dreams DO Come True?

World is watching you Last Wednesday in Hilton hotel in Midtown of New York City was held IMTA – International model and talent association. IMTA is the biggest contest on the world of young models, aspiring actors, future rock star singers and dancers. It gathers most influential agents, cast directors and managers in fashion and show […]

New York City 2015

Find Out Why Is New York so Special?

Hi My Dears – Long time I didn’t talk to you. I don’t know what have you done in past two months since I talk to you – but I can tell you that I’ve accomplished a lot and I am still working on some things :-). You know it’s not easy to be a […]