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11 Reasons Why Women Are Unhappy !

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Over the past century, women’s social and family life has changed a lot. For the better or worse, women nowadays enjoy more things in life than 100 years ago. Not all changes are good, but they are not bad either. No matter how dynamic life becomes every day, women have proven themselves to be capable of coping with almost every challenge life throws at us.

But, women are not immune to unhappiness. They, like men, have their share of good and bad experiences which either toughens them up or makes them quit. Life is able to teach us valuable lessons no matter what gender or age we are. Here are 11 reasons why women are unhappy even though social life has changed in the last century.

1. Inequality with men


There is no way of avoiding this issue. The role of women in society has changed a lot in the 20th century. They have proven themselves to the world that they are capable of hard work and devotion. When men were fighting two world wars, women stayed behind working in the factories, working in the fields and taking care of the family. Their efforts were noticed and slowly but surely equality was established. But even after so many years, a lot of women feel unequal in many aspects of social life, and that makes them unhappy.

2. Work and Housework

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Taking care of the housework is not easy when you have a day job. It is hard for a woman to be at work half a day then return home and continue with the house work. All those assignments put a lot of pressure on women’s stamina and health, ergo unhappiness.

3. Passive Husbands

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Some husbands can be very insensible when it comes to taking care of the children or helping around the house chores. It is the wife responsibility to change the dippers, turn on the laundry, clean the house and etc. Since most of the husbands feel that those are women’s work, they become passive and leave everything to them.

4. The women are less paid than men

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It is unethical for women to be paid less than men for the same assignments at work. Those things are unacceptable in companies and bosses often end up with lawsuits if they pay women less than men for the same job description. Unfortunately, some companies are still doing that and get away with it.

5. Men are less paid than women

Unhapy business woman

Yes, even thins can be a problem for a woman. In a relationship or in a marriage, when the woman is more paid than the man, that seems to cause a problem for the man since he is not THE alpha male in the relationship. Their unhappiness starts to reflect the woman’s satisfaction. In time that bad energy transfers to them and results in arguing, problems at home and etc.

6. Men let women pay for romantic dinners

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No matter how much money she makes or he makes, it is a traditional non-written rule for the man to pay for dinner. Nowadays, insensitive men grow like mushrooms and expect the women to pay for every meal they have. Now that is totally not-gentlemen like.

7. Trouble to cope with obesity


Women are more sensitive about their looks then men. For some reason, there are a lot of men who don’t mind being fat or have extra pounds on their hips. Some women find that to be attractive after all.
But rarely there is a woman that doesn’t want to have a sexy body. Even those who say they don’t mind the extra pounds think about losing weight. Obesity leads to unhappiness as women try very hard to lose pounds and have an attractive body. Some don’t have that problem, others do.

8. Boredom


Women are not immune to boredom. Just like men, they are exposed to regular boredom that comes from monotony and repeated habitual actions. If boredom continues, then unhappiness will be knocking on the door.
Boredom causes a lot of hours spend in front of the TV watching meaningless programs. That kind of leisure time can easily lead to obesity and another cause for unhappiness.

9. Hanging out with the same people day after day

bored woman with friends

Don’t get this reason the wrong way. Friends are healthy, they are always great company and can help you in when you need them, but sometimes they can be a bit too boring for you.
Women should expand their circles of friends and acquaintances so they don’t end up talking to three or four people only. Not all weekends should be spent with the same people over and over again. Various people bring various experiences and events.

10. Break Ups

break up 2

When relationships have unfortunate ending, the women are those that feel the greatest emotional impact. They are the ones that need more time heal the wounds from a break up. It is in men’s nature not to expose their emotions in public; it is their nature to be able to ignore those human emotions that cause tears in women’s eyes.

Unhappiness of a bad break up is regular in every woman’s life. Once you get emotionally attached to a person, it is hard to let those feelings go once a relationship has broken up. Women find it hard to change the life from being in a relationship to being single.

11. Single life

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Even though there are ones of women nowadays that prefer the single life more than the married life, they do end up some nights going to sleep alone and wake up alone in bed wondering why that is.

The fear of being bounded by marriage keeps them away from matrimony and single life seems much more exciting than ever, but once every “single” friend they have starts getting married, starts a family, they start seeing the changes. Every friend’s family life presents her with the joys of having a family no matter how tough it may seem. Single women are often unhappy because they haven’t found the love of their life … yet.

5 thoughts on “11 Reasons Why Women Are Unhappy !

  1. The women that I know are now telling me that it is feminism that ruined them and that the men adapted. They’re no longer trying being it isn’t worth it. I am a baby boomer so this didn’t affect me. But could the ladies be correct that feminism ruined them?

    1. Hi Jake. I can agree with you on that. I will post an article soon about it.
      It does make sense. Keep eye on the new article 🙂

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