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13 Proven Steps To Beat Stress!

relaxing at home

1. Relax every day!

relaxing at home
Lack of time is no excuse to not take a daily 15 minutes to yourself. Find a hobby that is interesting for you, take a walk with friends, read a good book, start with yoga exercises … do everything what relaxes you.

2. Take control of your time!

With good organization you will easily manage your obligations. Plan your day as much as you can. Establish priorities among the all your obligations and choose the easiest and most effective way to accomplish them. Allow time to works for you, not against you.

3. Let Your Bed be your little kingdom!

Get yourself enough quality sleep. Surely, you will sleep better if you provide to yourself a quality mattress and pillow. Please note that you should choose mattress and pillow made of material that will prevent settling of dust mites in them.

4. Choose a physical activity that you regularly practice!

group women working out
Choose a physical activity that you like. Daily physical activity is not good only for body but also for mind and a better mood. Only 15 to 30 minutes of physical activity three times a week is enough.

5. Talk and Be Open!

Repressing emotions and dissatisfaction in yourself will only increase the perceived stress. Talk helps, if you talk and share with your friends all problems that you have in your head will decrease. Advice from friends will help you to be more relaxed in solving your problems.

6. Half Health is Laughing!

Laugh as much as you can. Laugh loudly and heartily. Enjoy in the little things, enjoy life and all beautiful moments. Let humor be a mandatory part of your everyday life.

7. Happiness can be Found Everywhere!

… Just learn to recognize her. Happiness does not come from external, material things. You can find it only in yourself. Stop the endless reasons and excuses why you cannot be happy. Learn how to receive a compliment, enjoy the sunny day, think positive and be happy.

8. Positive thinking is a miracle!

Do not be pessimist. The way that things were run, up to you and your way of thinking. Focus on benefits, and try to find something good in every situation. As the saying goes: “The sun always comes after the rain.”

9. Perfection exists only in your head…

Why not make a few mistakes? Everyone is wrong sometimes, and sometimes every mistake. there is no need to be right constantly. The sooner you accept the fact that people make mistakes easier it will be for you.

10. Forgiveness is the balm for the soul!

Just think how often you are angry. At work, at home, at the store, the bank … Do you really think with anger you can change something on better? No! The only person who will be hurt is you. Do not be angry and learn to forgive.

11. Work and have fun at the same time!

Do not let job to stifle you  – make sure to have a rich personal life. If is your daily routine to stay longer at work, every day, you have to ask yourself what you need to change in your life, and what is the reason that you are trying to run off?

12. Healthy food for a healthy body and healthy mind!

Fruits and veggies in heart tape
Make sure to eat a variety of foods. Avoid the “fast” food full of additives.Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Avoid nicotine, alcohol and caffeine.

13. Get to know yourself and the world around you!

Follow your reactions to stressful situations and try to act differently next time. Start to get used to the fact that it is not worth bothering about, because of circumstances you can not control and change!

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