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What 5 Minutes in a 10 million Dollars Apartment Meant to me!

Luxury appt NYC

Last night I was a part of something wonderful, a part of the Charity event. Through my lovely country’s royal family, whom I’ve met at a Charity Fashion Show in April.

Life Line Charity

I was invited to view this gorgeous penthouse in Financial District, in the New York City.

The proceeds of the ticket which included hors d’oeuvre, drinks and mini-concert of the famous Serbian jazz singer Sofija Knezevic, went to charity’s goal targets: starving kids in Serbia.

The apartment was on a top floor of the hotel, owned by a Real Estate Agency owner, investor and one of his friends. Its a shared ownership… not the apartment.

The apartment is bachelor’s one bedroom, the other room was converted as a bedroom. BUT the room has a sauna and a Jacuzzi! So, my darlings, I would rather hung out in that room!

Freedom Tower NYC

The views were just Amazing! There’s a view of a Freedom Tower on one side and Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Hudson river on the other side of the apartment. The best part in the whole apartment is that there are no walls! Well, at least not the ones you are used to.

The walls used in this apartment are called Nanawalls. It’s a new, luxury redefined style in architecture. It covers your space top to the bottom without blocking the view! How magnificent is that? You can be in your warm room, with your hot chocolate sipping in front of your fireplace (yes, of course, there’s fireplace, too!) while watching snow blizzard coming outside or enjoying cocktails with your bestie’s with a last sunrays beaming through out your balcony! Sounds cool? My dears, if I ever have money to build my own luxury place, I will get those walls! Nothing is going to be traditional in my house anymore!

Sanja NYC

This world and modern architecture is giving us so many reasons to enjoy our life at home! Lot’s of stuff that we use today in household help us be more beautiful, more focused on our careers, our friends, our boyfriend and ourselves. True or not true, what do you think?

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