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What 5 Minutes in a 10 million Dollars Apartment Meant to me!

Luxury appt NYC

Throughout the night, I met a lot of interesting people. A surgeon from Jersey who was trying to buy an apartment for his son and future wife, realizing that was maybe not the best idea. The apartment it self was alike huge playground for the “kids”… Well, lets say it, a kid. It has no walls inside as well, because through the apartment you can walk only holding the remote control that pulls the glass doors up and down.

New York Luxury

That’s the only partition between rooms.

Luxury appt  NYC

Sounds fun, right? You can walk naked after shower from the bathroom to grab a sip of your morning coffee without actually, opening the doors. Surprised? Yes, even the bathroom doesn’t have doors! So, that’s attractive for those couples that can do everything in front of each other! No shame, no blame! The doctor, as well as the rest of the crowds including myself, was impressed by that modern design. His son was obviously stunned by the place and possibility of different things he could be doing there.

I also met a lot of rich, business people and a lot of beautiful women. It all looked to me like one big “The Great Gatsby show”. Men were trying to get some offers and women were trying to meet and conquer a successful men for their future. All of them dolled up, in their best dresses, with shining lipsticks, and flawless make up. Men were walking like tigers through apartment lurking for the possible nest and a possible woman, showing their best moves.

Real estate agents telling cocky what are the advantages of this apartment? Reactions were there: the apartment was sold for 10 million dollars and I believe, there will be a lot of activities in this both rooms. Living room. Bathroom, in front of the Statue of Liberty and Freedom tower.  After all, that’s why we all came here: To have the Freedom.

At the end of the night, I finally met partial owner of the apartment who offered me a job! He told me a story that he has a sick grandma whom he’s trying to save out of cancer by bringing top surgeon from Germany, paying for the multi-million dollar surgery, his travel expenses and everything he needed during his staying in the US.

He told me the story in the presence of the doctor from Jersey and his son, saying: “I’m paying a million dollar for him to come here, he’s the top surgeon in the world for gene transplant surgery, which cost me another million. Then my grandma’s recovery…but, that’s all doesn’t matter. I just want to save my grandma. I have promised her that she’s gonna live”.

“And if it doesn’t work, you gonna kill him”. I told him.

“Hahaha!”. He laughed notoriously.

“And that’s the third million for!”. Joked Mr Doctor from Jersey.

We all laughed. He invited me to the after party, which was going on in that same apartment, just with few extra drinks and lot less people.
I refused.

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