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What 5 Minutes in a 10 million Dollars Apartment Meant to me!

Luxury appt NYC
Sanja NYC

In this life, my darlings, you choose where do you want to be. On the top of the ladder, with the possibility to buy everything and anything, or somewhere in the middle, dream catcher like me. I’ve learned that there’s no in between. I prefer adventurous, ambitious and humble people. People like me. I like to “chase my pigeons”, as Nikola Tesla would say. You can climb to the top of the ladder, like I did for one night.

But It takes few things: You have to pretend you like people of who you may have some use, You have to show your power all the time to everybody and You have to attend these important events. Dress to impress and Take good care of your exterior.

Sound fun? Well, go for it! Show up at the events, talk to the people and be confident! You can get a job offer, a relationship offer, hear different stories, and learn something in design or about some other field’s! We all chase dreams! We do stuff that makes us happy! I was happy I made a donation and went home to my happy place, talked about the night to my friends, who listened carefully. I didn’t have to be cocky.

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