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5 Things That You Cannot Share With Nobody!

make up

1. SOAP !

Soap is used for personal hygiene, you can not share soap because soap can transmit a variety of bacteria.


All you put on your head you do not share with anyone, this includes and bedding that touch your face and head.
It is important that these items are only yours, because that is healthy and hygienic.



Nail clipper, little scissors and nail polish does not share with your friends. This kind of accessories can easily collect bacteria’s and quickly spread infection.

4. MAKE UP !

Foundation, concealer, mascara, blush, lipstick, glos – all of these products are going to face and facial skin is sensitive.

make up


Anti – perspirants might prevent sweating and bad odor, but do not contain ingredients that kill potentially dangerous bacteria.

This is why you should not lend anti-perspirants.

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