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5 Types of Men You Should Avoid

Types of men you should avoid

To recognize the wrong man at the beginning of a relationship is crucial. You don’t want to lose your time, don’t you? (Don’t be like me, please).

I spent 6.5 years with a manipulator. Six years and six months of my life I lost with him. I had no idea that he manipulates me. I was young and in love. I’m not sure if that was love or compassion. I am happy I realized that on time, before marriage or kids. But I know women who were not as lucky as I was. So, here are 5 types of men you should avoid (before you lost years or finish in tears and regret):

  • Narcissus

At a first sight, he is real Prince Charming, gentle, handsome, polite. He is seductive and attractive. He fantasizes about success and beauty and is always searching for a perfect woman. But no one is good enough for him. He beliefs that he is special and only rarely understands him. He likes to talk about himself, of course. It could be loooong monologues, at first interesting but after some time you just feel…boredom. I think that you know the end. Next, please.

  • Mom’s boy

He is so gentle and seems like understand what women want. You feel like a princess with him. He buys you candies and teddy bears for Valentines (even you are 30 years old woman). Everything looks like a fairy tale…until his mother calls.

Mom’s Boy: „Hi mom. I am with my girlfriend…oh, you feel dizzy? Wait, don’t worry, I am coming home ASAP!“. Ok, you understand this, you love your mom too. But the same scenario repeats day after day. You start to realize that he is a mommy little boy in his thirties and forties. Sorry, boy, but I need a man. Next!

  • Peter Pan syndrome

We all know the story of Peter Pan. He’s a boy in green clothes who can fly and lives in Neverland, where he never grows old. But, here’s the deal. Peter Pan is fiction that’s meant for kids. In real life, we need to grow up. Just as Peter Pan is flying around from land to land, he who exhibits this personality is flying around from noncommitment to noncommitment. He just doesn’t want to take any responsibility. He wants to party all night, to sleep all day and he expects you to accept that (and maybe to prepare him a meal and give him pocket money). All his free time he spends with friends, playing games, and planing his next adventure. Thank you, but no thank you.

  • Casanova

Sex god whose mission is to please you will drive you crazy! He loves to seduce all females on two legs. Even when it doesn’t attract him. He doesn’t know how to be loyal. He makes you jealous and that is food for his soul. You will feel restless every moment of your relationship with him. You could never believe him. It’s his game and he wins. Until the moment you said it’s enough.

Don Juan

  • Liar

We all lie sometimes and that is normal. But just sometimes when it’s for a higher purpose (for ex. I lie all the time about things that I bought on sale. My husband has no idea how great stuff I found on sale and I must have it.) But, here I talk about a pathological liar. He lies about his life to make it more interesting. The goal is not to cheat, but to make reality the way he likes. You’ll never have something crucial for every relationship: trust. Simply because you’ll never know what is true.

Now you know 5 types of men you should avoid. I know each of these types, some from personal experience and some from the experience of my friends. He won’t change, he is an adult and you don’t hope. Maybe I am cruel, but that’s for your good. (Read: Are You In A Toxic Relationship?)

Did you recognize some of your ex or (god forbid) your current boyfriend or husband?

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