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5 Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Routine and Look Better Than Ever Before!

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In the winter, there’s nothing better than hitting the snooze button a few times and prolonging your date with your warm, cozy bed as long as possible. All of that snoozing can really cut into your morning routine, though. Here’s a few ways to maximize your lounging time!

Tame Your Tresses


A little preparation can go a long way, especially if styling your hair takes up the bulk of your morning prep time. One of the most frequently asked questions for curly hair is “how do I wake up with manageable, ready to go hair?” A little nighttime TLC can go a long way. A satin pillowcase can minimize the pulling and mussing of naturally wild locks. Incorporate a nighttime serum into your bedtime beauty routine, such as John Frieda Frizz-Ease Cream Serum Overnight Formula. The lush treatment will lock in moisture overnight, making styling a snap the next morning.

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