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6 Amazing Scents That Will Change Your Mood Immediately!

sun ten crem

1. Be Ready for Sex     –     Cinnamon


The scent of Cinnamon has the power to trigger certain brain cells towards sexual desires . A lot of perfumes contain this very scent in certain amounts. It is not a novelty that perfumes throughout the time have the capability to create sexual desires in both men and women.

2. Be Happy      –       Your Partner’s T-shirt

man t shirt

Sounds a bit odd, but it works. The natural scent of your partner is can make you happy as you feel his presence. It is like he is with you all the time, protecting and caring for you. That natural scent is created during sex, so there is a big possibility that when you wear his/hers t-shirt, you’ll scent your partner’s body and remember a passionate intimate act.

3. Be Genius    –     Rosemary rosemary

Recent studies have shown that this herb improves memory and can be responsible for person’s creativity.

4. Be Sociable    –    Bouquet of Flowers


A Bouquet of Flowers has this amazing magical capability of creating smiles and warm hearts no matter to who you are giving it to. It seems that human beings are genetically created to react with a smile whenever a bouquet of flowers is given to them. So there is no doubt that the scent of various flowers all in one place can bring you closer to friends and family.

5. Be Calm      –     An Apple or a Cucumber


Know that biting your nails is always a bad habit, no matter who justifiable you think it is concerning the nervous circumstances. If you want to get rid of this nasty habit, grab an apple or a cucumber, take a deep breath from their scent and relax. You can have a bit if you want, no need to throw it away.

6. Be Optimistic      –       Suntan Cream

sun ten crem

The smell of Suntan Cream always brings beautiful memories of summer days by the sea, along with it – memories: the waves of the ocean and sea, the sound of the seagulls, swimming in the salty water, dance with the waves, surfing, running in the sand, making sand-castles, eating isce-cream on a hot summer day and etc.

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