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68 Years Old Model! Female Fatal – Evelyne Hall!

Evelin Hall

Have you ever heard of Eveline Hall?

She is a German model who started her modeling career at the age of 65. After six years in the modeling industry, she continues to delight photographers and fashion designers and is one of the most sought after models in Germany.

A schooled ballerina by profession, she became a model thanks to Ted Linow, the owner of the fashion agency who invited her to participate in a fashion show. Who knew such a show would so drastically change her life? “After that fashion show, I became a model,” said Eveline.

At such an age, her body is still lithe, and while her face may show hints of aging, that does not bother her at all.

Her body is still lithe and fluid and age you can see on her face, but that not bother her at all.

So, my ladies, this is proof that you cannot put an age on beauty!

Take a look at some of her pictures and get inspired to fill and be beautiful no matter how old you are!

Mode Evelyn HallEvelin Hall

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