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7 Types of Men you Should Not Marry!

bradley cooper mom

My dears have you’ve ever heard of a priest Pat Connor? He is the author of the book “For whom you should not get married”, and this book is written from his experience with premarital courses that it holds.

I am set aside for you seven essential characteristics of men for whom you should not get married … 🙂 pay close attention.

1. Mom’s boys!

They are not able to make decision by themselves, he talks more with his mom than with a partner and expect the wife to take care of him just like Mom.

bradley cooper mom

2. Man who is irresponsible with his finances!

This type of man is a heavy burden for the marriage. It is immaterial whether there is a small salary or just they don’t know with money, Connor argues that marriage with these chosen ones can easily fall apart because of an argument about finances.

3. Man without friends!

Connor says he is not an important number of friends, but if someone does not have any friends then it is often an indicator of his selfish and the strange nature.

4. Humiliates you in public!

It does not matter the reason or behavior, but that feeling to be devastated and oppressed. It shows that the man has no self-control, and to him is more important to express his anger, than your reputation. That’s the kind of guy who always wants to dominate.


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