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Choose the Perfect Shoes for Your Wedding!

Hi my dears, one of the main things about which every bride has concern when she need to prepare for that big day in her life, for her wedding, is fitting shoes and wedding dress!

Here are 8 smart ideas how to choose the perfect shoes for your wedding:

1.  Determine how much money you can spend on shoes, because the price is still the most important factor when buying shoes. Wedding shoes

2.  First of all choose a wedding dress, and then with the sample of dress material you can easily choose shoes for your wedding, especially if you want to have your shoe color matches the color of the dress.

3.  Measure the length of the wedding dress, and determine which level will be heel of the shoes.

4.  Another important thing is to determine your wedding dress style. If you opt for a traditional wedding and you selected such a wedding dress then this style should be your shoes style. But if you have a wedding on the beach, regular white flip-flops can be an excellent choice for you.

5.  The place where the wedding takes place is another important factor. If you decide to have a wedding in the backyard and if you wear satin shoes on wedding, surely that your satin shoes will turn green from contact with the grass. But if you have a winter wedding, then sandals definitely should not be your choice.

6.  You need to be very careful when you are choosing the wedding shoes. Always keep in mind that you need to wear them all day. Do not let your shoes to be too big or too small for your feet.

7.  Wear shoes before the wedding. Make them to be confortable for your feet; you don’t want them to make you blisters on your feet for your wedding day. Make sure to wear them for an hour or two, few days before the wedding.

8.  Keep in mind where you are buying shoes. Do not buy them over the Internet, but go to the store and select the shoes that are comfortable and beautiful for you.

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