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Find Out How To Awake Feminine Energy Within You!

Whether you are a woman or a man, you have both energies inside of you. The question is which one dominates, and how to use it into your advantage. Let’s first see what prejudices there are about women.

Over the centuries, a woman was a synonym for something gentle, chatty, reckless, powerless, co-dependency, over-sensitivity, and over-emotionality. You can read more about the difficult position of females during history if you want to. Woman’s place was in the house, her main roles were to be housewife, mother, and spouse. Even the media used propaganda that women should stay at home rather than go to work.


Today things have changed. Women are at top positions in politics, companies, we have the right to choose to educate or not, to be in the marriage or not, to give birth or not. But we have one big challenge: to maintain our feminine energy. Feminine energy is not glorified but rather suppressed. That demands more masculine energy. Men are typically more assertive, confident, active, and direct. These qualities are required to succeed in today’s world.

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I like these qualities, but maybe a touch of gentle feminine energy could make this world a better place? We’ve prioritized masculine over feminine energy, it’s time to put it in balance. That is the way to achieve harmony between energies and genders.

Are you even aware of the power you have as a woman? Are you aware of the Goddess inside of you? You have the ability to give birth to a new human being. You can give so much love, compassion and to understand what isn’t told. Women’s intuition is a huge gift. Embrace it. Trust your gut.

Allow yourself to receive more. Ask for favors and support when you need it, get yourself gifts, pamper yourself. Dress whatever you feel good at that moment. Do more of what make you really happy.

I will share with you one of my observations. When I am nervous and grumpy, you can feel that energy in my home. My husband and daughter start to behave like me and the situation at home is tensioning. When my husband is nervous, and I am in a good mood, in the blink of an eye energy change to positive. Did you notice something similar to your family? The power of feminine energy is huge!

Remember that, as a woman, your feminine energy is always there, even if you can’t feel it. It just needs to be reawakened. You’ll become more intuitive, compassionate, creative, sensitive, receptive, tender, kind and that will make you UNSTOPPABLE!

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