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Become Happy and Fatal ! Follow 10 Golden Commandments of Helen Gurley Brown !


Helen Gurley Brown is an author, publisher, and worldwide known as editor-in-chief for the Cosmopolitan magazine. She is the author of several books, such as “Sex and the Single Girl”, “ Sex and the Office ”, “ Having it All ” and  ” I’m Wild Again: Snippets From My Life and a Few Brazen Thoughts ”.


Throughout her life and career Helen Gurney Brown has seen, heard and done a lot of things. To summarize her life experience, before she left our world in August 2012, she has given her 10 commandments on how to live a better life.

1. Have sex and enjoy it !

In a time when a girl was expected to get married in order to have a sexual life , Helen wrote “ Sex and the Single Girl ”. She stated,  “ In theory, a single girl never has sex. What nonsense! ” Helen really broke the taboo back in those days with this one.

helen gurley

2. Define your style !

You have to develop your own style . Every girl has it … The thing is that you have to learn how to show what you got.” In public, Helen Gurley Brown was never looked sensational; she had her own style and it made the statement for her, not some luxuries piece of clothing .

3. Chose a man who knows how to give back !

Helen Gurley

Plain and simple: “ You should satisfy your man and a man should satisfy you. ” It could get any simpler than that no matter which gender pronounces it.

4. Make yourself irresistible !

In an interview she gave to Nori Ephron, Helen said: “ You can’t just stand in one place and ask of others to notice how generous and charming you are. You have to make yourself become irresistible all the time.”

5. Say what you think without excuses !

When Helen Gurley Brown was criticizes of being non-feministic, she stated: “ Can it be possible for a woman not to be feministic ? My readers want to fight for themselves. And if that is not a feministic message, than I don’t know what is.”

Helen Gurley

6. Love your body !

All throughout her writing career, whether it is of the magazine or her books, Helen Gurley Brown encouraged women to be proud of what they are – no matter the weight or height. Not only that, but women should also be very proud of their private parts.

7. Make yourself noticeable !

Parties were part of Helen Gurley Brown life, until she reached her eight decade of her life. Former colleagues remember her parties very well. They say that she was always the first one on the podium and danced with a lot of young guys in her sexy skirts and fishnet stockings.

helen gurleyhelen gurley

8. Take care of your real friends !

“True friends offer their help in hard times and share the joys of your successes.”

9. Get a Job !

Helen Gurley Brown said that though a Job people can find their “ pill of luck ”. It can also be the way to discover your inner self – what you like, what you don’t like, what you should do in life and etc.

Helen Gurley

10. You can have it all !

Money, Sex, Career, Family, Children … you can have it all as long as you try to get it. “ Never use men to get what you want. Get it yourself. Nothing can change the combination in your brain, charm and hard labour. ”

helen gurley

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