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Can You Imagine Your Life Without Chocolate Or Without Sex? To Which One You Can Not Resist?


The dilemma between chocolate and sex is a one that never ends. There has been tons of questions on internet surveys, TV quizzes, radio shows where people are asked which will they rather give up – the heavenly taste of chocolate or the natural sensational pleasure of sexual intercourse. sex

Now, some of you who read this article are asking the question- Who in the world will take chocolate over sex? Believe it or not there are people who would prefer an expensive bar of chocolate over and expensive romantic diner which eventually will lead to sex.


When both of these pleasures are combined we will see that both of them have similar effects on the human body and both of them create different sensations when consumed. So, it is up to the individual to decide which sensation he prefers when given the option of quitting one.

1. Both of them offer the benefit of healthier heart !

There have been tons of studies throughout the world trying to figure out the effect of chocolate, and sexual intercourse, have on heart function. Both of them have proven to be beneficial .

Two research studies in Sweden and Germany have shown that eating one or two bars of dark chocolate a week reduces the chances of heart failure up to 40 percent. The flavonoids, an antioxidant compound, are the ones held responsible for increased of arteries and veins flexibility.

Warm chocolate cake

A British study has shown that men who had sex two or more times a week reduces their chances of heart failure by half. However, some claim that sexual intercourse can cause heart failure due to the increased blood circulation. But fortunately, the study didn’t find any connection to that.


2. Both of them contribute to weight loss !

Don’t be surprised by the fact that chocolate is able to benefit to weight-loss. It is the Dark Chocolate that is less sweeter and less in artificial sugar that the rest. Consuming pure chocolate is not accompanied with bad fat and artificial sweeteners.

Sexual intercourse, on the other hand, is able to burn up to 85 calories during the course of thirty minutes . Many a times researchers have said that sex is probably the best exercises in the world.

3. Both of them create happy moments !

Chocolate is able to turn a rainy day in to a beautiful sunshine . A lot of people turn towards a small bar of chocolate just to feel better during the day. The mare pleasure of sweet taste of melting chocolate can create fresh smile.


It is far from unknown fact that sexual intercourse creates happy moments. Sex represents the most natural source of satisfaction people can get.

4. Both of them are capable of reducing stress !

Eating a bar of dark chocolate after a hard day in the office can reduce stress significantly. This is connected the way people response after moments of heavy stress. Not that chocolate will solve our problems with the office manager, but it will calm the nerves down for couple of minutes and give us some space to regenerate positive aura.


People who have sex on regular basis, not only are able to reduce stress, but also to become immune to stress. Even the mare thought of know that you’ll have sex later on will not let you push the limits of frustration. As blood pressure is connected to stress, know for a fact that sex is known for its ability to lower the blood pressure levels of people who have sex on regular basis.

5. Chocolate prevents Diabetes !

An Italian research where the participants consumed dark chocolate for 15 days showed that their resistance to insulin dropped to half. Again, it is the Flavonoids to be held responsible for the increase of nitric oxide.chocolate woman

6. Sexual intercourse increases immunity !

High levels of immunoglobulin A are created when having sex on regular basis. These high levels are capable of protecting the body from various infections and colds

7. Other benefits from Chocolate consumption !

Apart from the previous mutual health benefits, the chocolate is also capable of skin protection, the relief of Cough or Diarrhea, and etc. These health benefits are not applied to all types of chocolate. We all know that there are tons of chocolate out there in the market and not all of them are able to give the healthy benefits. So, it is the Dark Chocolate you should turn to if you want to get the best of them.

These are just some of the fact which can be crucial to a choice between these pleasures. Not, that a day will come when you should chose between the two. Chocolate and Sex are not forbidden by law so let’s just assume that you are given that choice.

There is a famous Latin proverb that goes: “De gustibus non est disputandum”. Meaning: “In matters of taste, there can be no disputes.“ It is hard to talk about the tastes of these pleasure as they both present their benefits with high colors .

Chocolate and sexual intercourse go together. It is the perfect romantic and sensual combination . Their “marriage” is the basis of tons of songs, movies, literary poems, photographs and etc. It is hard for the chocolate to survive on its own when it is not included in the natural pleasures of the human body.

tuscany chocolates

There is a lot of research done about their combination. Chocolate is considered to be one of the greatest aphrodisiac ; the one true food type which is closer to foreplay and ultimate climax. People often have chocolate waiting for them after their intimate moments. It is not a cigarette they reach for, but a bar of chocolate which is able to prolong the sweet sensual feelings in the body.

It is these kinds of questions we hope it won’t come to. The decision will never be easy, and apart from that, there will be second thoughts after one is chosen over the other.

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