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Look How Alekssanda Ambrosio and Adriana Lima Looked 13 Years Ago! VIDEO!

Victoria’s angel, supermodel Alessandra Amrosio shared on her Instagram profile photo with Adriana Lima, which was taken more then 10 years ago. Top model Adriana Lima first walked the runway as a Victoria’s Angel in 1999th and Alexander Ambrosio one year later. These two beauties have not changed much for 13 years. WATCH VIDEO! Adriana […]


Celebrity Street Style: Olivia Palermo!

Olivia Palermo is one of those lethal combinations: beautiful and stylish! Every week we choose the most stylish celeb street style. This week Female Fatal the most stylish celeb is Olivia Palermo!  Every detail was carefully selected, black and white outfits with  brown accessories, animal print shoes, leather jackets, fur, and adorable hats. Don’t you just adore her style!