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vera wang black wedding dress

Black Wedding Dresses! Yes or No!?

My dear future FF brides, would you be brave enough to wear black for your special day?Why not…it can be a very  fabulous and unique :)Very different, but very beautifull. My inspiration for this post was Vera Wang weddig dresses and this amazing wedding! It’s just left me speechless…..it’s so beautifull. I personally wouldn’t wear a black wedding dress because […]


Glamorous Mint & Gold Wedding Inspiration!

Looking for wedding ideas and inspiration? The wedding colours you choose will set the tone for your big day. Female Fatal bring you wedding decoration ideas, glamorous mint and gold wedding inspiration. Take a look and get inspiration at this romantic mint, peach and gold wedding photos! I personally love this combination, it’s  soft, romantic and absolutely dreamy…. For […]


Miranda Kerr in the Smallest Bikini in the World! VIDEO!

Victoria Secret Angels Miranda Kerr and Cara Delevingne appeared in a promotional video for the British Magazine “i-D” announcing their new digital edition. The models in the video appear with 24 other models, but the special impression leaves Miranda which on herself has famous miniature Chanel bikini. Video is called “A-Z of Wink!” and was […]

leather fatal

Female Fatal Gives you Advices How to Take Care for Cashmere and Leather Products!

Cashmere! Known for its luxurious softness and significant insulation properties, cashmere is a high-end fiber that is used to create gorgeous sweaters, scarves, and clothing. The wool is derived from the initial layer of fleece of Kashmir goats that are mainly found in India, Mongolia, and China. Due to the time consuming process of production, […]