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Did You Know That Candice Swanepoel Get Stage Fright Before Every Victoria Secret Show?

Spectacular Victoria Secret Show will be held today only for the special guests, and a public screening of the show will be on the 10th of December.

In an interview for the Huffington Post Candice Swanepoel said that for her walking on the Victoria’s Secret Runway it’s not easy at all.

This model before a very important Show struggles with stage fright, and her biggest fear is not to fall while walking in high heels. Against anxiety she “fights” by placing pictures on Instagram on which, according to her statements, she is in a much better mood than at the show.


Female Fatal Advice: Therefore, ladies if you ever nervous before an important event do not be ashamed of that and remember that even the best paid top models have stage fright, so forget it, smile and go ahead for new victories!

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