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Discover Who Was The Most Beautiful Woman in America in The 60’s! Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis!

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Beautiful wife of murdered U.S. President John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, was the epitome of charm, good taste, and social norms. Remembered as a brave and dignified woman , worthy of respect. Marked by three things: “The love of words, the commitment to family and the spirit of adventure,” said her son John.

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She was one of the most influential woman of the last century, known as the youngest wife of USA President John F.Kennedy, as well as one of the richest men in the world, the Greek shipowner Aristotle Onassis.

Her style, hair, makeup, pearl earrings and necklace she wore with little sleeveless dresses have become the signature style of Jackie O. Her style still resonates in fashion trends and her name has become a timeless symbol of femininity, beauty and impeccable taste.Jacky

Many people regard her as the most beautiful American woman in the 60s, although she wasn’t a classic beauty. She only knew how to highlight what she had.

She was born on 28. July in 1928. as Jacqueline Lee Bouvier in Southampton, NY.
She grew up riding horses, attending the best private schools and leading a glamorous life. For a time she worked as a journalist and editor of the Washington Times Herald.

She was at short marriage with a young trader, after she met a handsome Senator John F.Kennedy. They married in September in 1953. Jackie wore a wedding dress by designer Lou Ann, which is still preserved in the Kennedy Library in Boston.

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She and John were young and beautiful, which contributed to their popularity among young voters and their impact on modern culture.

Her love for the French designers sometimes crept her into trouble. During the presidential campaign, she and her mother-in-law Rose, was criticized for spending about $ 30,000 a year on clothes. Even the future president was advised that it would be good to his wife to wear a clothes of American designer.
Jackie enjoyed the most “Chanel” jackets, bell skirts, cigarette pants, brooches, cashmere and satin. Sometimess she wore a coat and turtle neck shirt.

She was dressed in monochrome natural and neutral tones, although she loved orange and pink. Big glasses were her trademark . She worn jewelry only on special occasions and she never blindly followed the trends . She said: ‘I personally edited the whole interior of the White House’ (“I wanted to make a replica of the American Versailles”, she told to fashion desanier Oleg Cassini).

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Probably there is no known set of her pink “Chanel” costume that she wore on the day of the assassination of her husband. Her pink “Chanel” costume was more than a symbol of fashion, it was also a symbol of protest as Jackie refused to take it off after the murder of USA President John F.Kennedy.

After this tragic event, her style became more relaxed . She was a very loving mother and after the assassination of John , she was feared for safety of their children and her marriage to Onassis gave her the protection she so wished. jk 23 jk 53

Her career had found refuge in the publishing world. More than 100 titles published, along with her private records, probably the closest you can get to her heart and endlessly curious mind.

She died in 1994, and left behind property worth $ 43 million.

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