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Do You Belive That Dreams DO Come True?

Team Fashion 2015

The first thing you notice when you go into a spacious and specially organized lobby, is a sea of tall, skinny models, all dressed in black with huge numbers hanging on their bodies, waiting to show off their young and freshly painted faces to get their five minutes of fame. Hopes are painted all over their faces, dreams are in their parents’ lives, and the seagulls of happiness are flying all over the rooms. You could’ve feel the small sense of unselfishness showers you, too. If everyone could get their chance! But, no. Only few girls will be chosen to sign a thousand dollars contract.


The youngest contestants are approximately age 7, who came with their mom, all the way from Texas. I talked to them, and the Mom said they are competing second time. They’re hoping to get a chance this year. They are twins, blonde long wavy hair, big blue eyes, dancers. The competition is harsh.
You have less then 5 minutes to present yourself. So, what is wrong? My friend wasn’t competing, particularly. Why, you may ask?

I met an agent from Wilhelmina. You know, one of the top agencies in the World?

I asked him What are their requirements?

He replied: “Why?”

Shocked as I was, because I thought this is a model-hunting event,

I said: “My friend here is a model and she is maybe looking for a chance.”

He said: “This is not a place for it!”

“Wow!” was my answer!

He said: “You come here to meet top agents that you will not see in the public walking and scouting for models or meet at the office of the agency. You come here to grab their attention and make them tell you: “Give me a call tomorrow, we’ll talk!”

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