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Do You Belive That Dreams DO Come True?

Team Fashion 2015

And that’s it! Or they go, to another fellow agent, another make up artists; people are waiting in the line to meet them! You don’t have time to chat more with them! At the press party, room was filled with top make up artist, fashion agents, and fashion bloggers-like me, lol!

Waiting in line to talk to those most successful people in the industry! They all want to make business with them! My friend’s hunt was on Kelly Cutrone, who is a judge on America’s next top model.

And let me tell you, my dears – It isn’t easy to get to her! And if you do so, she’s not talking only with you! She talks to 2-3 people at the time!! That’s how busy she is! She doesn’t have time just for you! That’s why you want her!

When my friend got that: “Give me a call, we’ll talk!.”

You may imagine her excitement! And that was it! That was the whole point of the night to meet the most influential and successful person in the room, to get her to give you her phone number. After that, we sat at the balcony and pleasantly enjoyed the fashion show:

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