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Do You Belive That Dreams DO Come True?

Team Fashion 2015

My dears, I’ve learned that night that if you want to be in that world, you have to go! You have to go and steel your five minutes! You don’t give up! You go again, and again, and again until you get to them! And don’t get bothered by the fact they don’t have time only for you, that they are tens of thousands models together in one place! That is not the point, as I said! The point is to get to talk to them! Let your ego go! You make time for them! You fight for yourself, for those 2 seconds, those seven numbers. No matter how old are you, or how do you look. Competition girls are young and skinny, but they are not conquering the world. Many models started as skinny and become famous for their curves! Beautiful girl in NY can achieve a lot! The doors are opened to her! My friend is not skinny and not so young anymore, but she’s beautiful. And she got the call.

Good luck to all of you and don’t forget the agent-hunters are out there! 
Remember: The dreams do come true!

Sanya FF

Sanya is a passionate about writing. She will find inspiration in the most ordinary thing. Every day, little things, she makes magic of it. Show her your one emotion, she’ll write a novel. In her free time, Sanya practice yoga and her mudra is: “For today, I’ll rejoice in the imperfectness of my body and mind, knowing that with time and patience, all will reveal itself. Every day is a new day. every day our cells regenerate. With every breath, I’m taking a gift: LIFE.” She is a dream catcher.

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