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Do You Feel Confused When You Are Choosing Wedding Dress? Just Say YES To Boho Bridal Style!

boho bride

Boho chic-bride

Boho chic is a woman’s fashion style that characterize the bohemian and hippie influences .

The best example of boho chic style, are the actress Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie and model Kate Moss .

This style is typical of girls who like to wear skirts with flounce, flower design, it’s look like they having a almost casual attitude to fashion, but every detail of their clothes is strictly planned.

You can play with boho chic style on your wedding day so you’ll have some great romantic silk flower in your hair , which falls gently over your shoulders.

boho bride

boho wedding style

bohemian wedding dress

boho wedding style

boho wedding dress

boho wedding dress

boho wedding

boho wedding dress

Shaped eyebrows

Nice clear and defined eyebrows will certainly refresh your look on your wedding day. Clean and orderly boho make upeyebrows suit every face shape and every type of makeup.

Slowly return to the fashion “natural” eyebrows – eyebrows who are not plucked to the last hair but follow your natural line, slightly stylized eyebrows.

Try it and you will see that the result will be great!

Bohemian hairstyles

If you want a natural, feminine look – for you is the right choice “Bohemian hairstyle.”

It is very easy to maintain hairstyle where the hair is twisted slightly or completely straight.

bohemian hair style Parts of the hair at the sides are twisted into braids or the hair is wrapped  with hippie headband or scarf. This hairstyle requires very little time and that is why many women prefer this hairstyle .

If your hair is naturally wavy, you can just trim the bangs and – you’re ready to conquer the world! To look like a movie star from the red carpet, glamorous and also natural – tie your hair in a loose ponytail. This look will be achieved by first washing your hair and put volumizing conditioner, then dry it with a hairdryer.

After that, apply a good quality moisturizer on the hair dryer and tie it into a high ponytail. Slightly ruffled hair in horse tail and you’re ready!  This hairstyle is suitable for women with medium length hair and with long hair. With the help of sparkling hairpins, hairspray and beautiful colors, your hair will get sexy and bohemian look.

boho wedding

boho bride

boho hair style

This hairstyle works best for wedding ceremonies that are held outside.

Bohemian style is a great option if you want a gentle and romantic atmosphere for your wedding.

Boho make up

boho wedding

Boho make up is a great choice for brides who want to look natural, and make a good impression.

Boho look means natural, fresh look, and is achieved in the following way:

Facial skin – apply concealer only where is necessary. Relief? No heavy powder, foundation, just a clean face.

Cheeks – your cheeks should look like you were in the fresh air all day. Use flush with bronze tones in the cream, apply it on the cheeks and rub gently.

Lips – lips should look as natural as the rest of your face,  first gently “brush” with a soft toothbrush and apply lip balm. Or, put a gloss, but be careful not to overdo it.

Eyes – avoid strong black mascara, it’s too much makeup for a boho look.

Choose brown or softer tones, and apply it only on the tips of the lashes. Use pastel shades of eye shadow – beige, light brown, soft green.

kate moss wedding

One of the most beautiful boho style wedding is the wedding of the famous top model Kate Moss .

kate moss boho wedding

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