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Do You Know How To Choose The Right Cocktail Dress ?

cocktail dress

The cocktail dress has always been the classic garment for a variety of social gatherings. Between dinner dates, parties, and wedding receptions, every woman should have a decent selection of cocktail dresses in her wardrobe. It is Coco Chanel who famously said,Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.”

cocktail dress

There is a certain allure to wearing a cocktail dress that empowers a woman to be confident and sexy all at the same time. This wardrobe staple has first enjoyed massive popularity in the 1940’s and remains to be just as popular nowadays. Most women go for good old style of dresses, while others prefer to be in touch with the more recent trends . While both approaches can be equally appealing, choosing the right cocktail dress is more than a debate between the new and the old. It requires you to be familiar with your own body while getting in tune with your personal sense of style.

Cocktail dress

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Choose a cocktail dress that highlights your best asset !

Most people choose a cocktail dress, or a particular article of clothing for that matter, to hide certain body parts that they feel self-conscious about. More often than not, this results to an ensemble that reflects insecurity instead of confidence. Instead of hiding the parts of your body that you consider unflattering, choose a cocktail dress that highlights what you best like about your body.

If you have legs that are worth flaunting, go for dresses that end a few inches above the knees. If you want to draw attention to the graceful profile of your chest, low neckline dresses are your best bet. If you have an hour glass shape of a body, then you might want to go for form fitting dresses that highlight your hips and waist.

Accessorize appropriately !

Contrary to popular belief, accessorizing doesn’t mean that you should wear every piece of jewellery that matches your dress. More than wearing random ornament, accessorizing is actually crucial in achieving a certain look. When choosing a cocktail dress, imagine wearing it with key pieces of jewellery like large earrings, chunky necklaces, bangles, and even glittery lipstick.

In the same fashion, imagine how it goes with low-key make up for more formal settings. The most beautiful and wearable cocktail dresses are the ones that work equally well whether dressed up or dressed down.

Wear your cocktail dress, and do not let it wear you !

Shocking colours and funky prints come back from season to season. Still, it is not necessarily a good idea to blindly follow trends without considering if these complement your skin tone, body type, and even hair colour. Loud colours and over the top prints are trickier to wear and are easily be overwhelming. Solid colours are often the subtler and classier choice. Those who are thoughtlessly keeping up with the latest trends often have their clothes wearing them, instead tastefully wearing their clothes.


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