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Do You Know How To Combine Sporty and Chic Clothes ?

sport chic

For ladies who like sporty style but also like fashion innovations, Sporty Chic is interesting trend that combines seemingly incompatible! Find out how you can look gorgeous by wearing sporty but chic outfits.

sport chicsport chicsport chic

Not so long ago, sports clothing were reserved for trips to nature,and for a walk to the beach. But now new collections are full of fresh sporty chic trend, wich with a good combination can look extremely chic, feminine and even elegant. Fashion designers have created fabulous casual outfits meant to make you look stunning even when you’re dressed sporty.

sport chic

However, fashion is changing, and so today the sports pieces we can see on the runways of prestigious houses including Donna KaranEscada , Lacoste, D&G, Blumarine, Balenciaga, Dsquared2, Alexander Wang, etc. Get dressed sporty chic doesn’t mean that you lose your femininity – mini dresses and skirts, interesting tailored shorts in bright colors, make interesting combinations enough for each eye. The trend of sports apparel and details of unusual and unexpected combinations is a comfortable, relaxed and interesting solutions to everyday issues.

sport chic Sporty chic – is when a designer pairs two different looks, like a baseball cap design with a rich fabric like leather, and combines them to make a totally unexpected item of clothing. Sporty Chic trend is a real star this season with styles for everybody tastes. Influenced by basketball,tennis, soccer, yoga,… designers have created many of their 2013 and 2014 collections based on comfortable fined structured wardrobe pieces as t-shirt dress, tailored shorts or mesh skirts.

Simplicity and lightness are the main features of sporty chic, and with pleated mini skirt, polo shirt and cap, with simple sandals and of course, the unusual colored sunglasses this summer you will look fabulous.

Here are a few tips to help you be a very stylish even when dressing sporty:

If you are a classic sporty type, for you the current trend is sure be delight, and you can as much as you want enjoy wearing sneakers, sweat shirts, sports bags, hats and baggy shirts.

You can try to combine for example shoes with fluorescent skirts, sports shorts and pants with elegant blouses, sports shirts with heels or ballet slippers with a lot of jewelry, sports jackets with a lady’s dress.

Always play with the details, such as baseball caps, accessorize your pants or a sporty skirt with a baseball cap, a handbag and sunglasses.

Wear bright color sweatpants if you wish because vivid colors are very popular this season.

sport chic

The pants can be a little bit loose and worn with a simple or printed T-shirt.

Keep your hair straight, curly, in a pony or a messy bun and accessorize your outfit to make it more stylish.

This trend can look really chic, urban and unusual, and above all, wearing it can make you feel extremely relaxed and fashionable at the same time. Ideal for all busy ladies in a hurry. Dressing sporty but chic is a solution to looking fabulous every time even when casually dressed. sport chic

So dear ladies don’t be afraid to experiment with your outfits just relex and be creative……

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