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Eternal Dilemma: Should You Call Him First?

Blond women thinking

When you are in a new relationship all expectations are high. You feel butterflies in the stomach, but at the same time, you have tons of questions in your head and probably testing him.

For example, you expect him to send you messages first. To call you first. To invite you to dinner. To prove to you that he cares. The list of expectations is quite long.

But, do you ever wonder what he wants? What does he need? Maybe he wants to get your attention. Maybe he wants to feel that you care.

Sometimes, women forget that men also have feelings and needs. They also can be insecure.

Why are you waiting for his call, when you can call him instead?

It is important to keep things simple. Do you want to hear him? Call him. Want to see him? Invite him to a coffee, dinner, walk, whatever you want. What do you have to lose? So, when you ask yourself should you call him first, my answer would be: WHY NOT?

Also, when you still aren’t in a relationship and you like him, make the first step! Call him on a date. If he said YES – yaaay, if he said NO, you’ll survive. Your ego might be hurt, but it will survive too.

Blond women texting

Also, you must know the difference between self-confidence and just being needy. Self-confidence is when you call him sometimes, but not all the time. Being needy is when you chasing him.

Also, if you’re calling him for instant satisfaction, then you might want to reconsider before calling him. The reason being here is that you’re allowing your happiness to depend too much on him. What if he says something you’re not expecting? What if he doesn’t have time to talk? What if he doesn’t pick up?

The key, as always is to find a balance. You don’t want to be an ice queen either good puppy. Remember, self-esteem is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Acting from a place of emotional stability will produce positivity. Embrace who you are, and let your inner goddess shine. Takedown your guard, and be willing to trust.

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