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Who is Femme Fatale?

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Research shows that women who know their own qualities and those who know how to be happy and fulfilled without a partner, are fatal more than others. А woman looks fatal when something inside her shines out and she cannot explain exactly what it is. That condition she cannot control and one that even looks inexplicable to men but somehow attracts them.

Discover The Magic Of The Fatal Woman!

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When we mention the term, femme fatale, the first thing that comes to mind is a stunning, beautiful, mysterious, attractive, and irresistible woman, one that will leave you breathless … However, the primary term of femme fatale means not only gorgeous and the most beautiful, but also the most dangerous woman. She fascinates the man completely with her charms, but just plays with him and at the end, refuses him and often kills him. The term comes from the French femme fatale, and in literal translation means woman of destiny but also a deadly woman. The term was popularized in 20th-century films when one French film critic wrote, “Femme fatale is a woman with heart of stone beneath the sexy black silk dress  She simply destroys men.”

However, in everyday life, femme fatale doesn’t take lives, but she certainly leaves marks.

Is there any explanation for those Fatal Women? What makes them so irresistible? Is it that sexy body, beauty, charisma, the way they treat men…? Has the term “femme fatale” changed now with the universal term “Perfect Woman” or is the fatality they just carried inside them regardless to accepted definitions of beauty?

femme fatale

Psychologists claim that the femme fatale are those women who shine in some special way and carry a dose of mystery inside of them. They have an inborn sex appeal and for men who behold them, they seem mystical, mysterious, and enigmatic. So, it is not all about her sexy body, provocative dress, red lipstick, or perfume that she puts on. The secret is in the facial expressions, gestures, behavior, speech, manners, and her body posture. According to experts, the woman is fatal when she looks unbeatable, restless … she leaves men totally confused and they cannot figure out what it is in her that attracts them so much.

• Psychologists claim that many women seem fatal when there is the impression that they do not belong to anyone. Instead, they are the most attractive when they are in the company of men who are wrongly convinced that they are his.

• What is most special about the femme fatale is her sincere smile that comes from her self-satisfaction. Woman is fatal, too, when she knows how to “read” a man or what is on his mind. In fact, Fatal Women are better at reading non-verbal signs and body language. Those women who know how to create the illusion of their fatality in the mind of a man cause him to think that surely, he will have the fatal experience of her. They do not need to have a perfect body or beautiful hair or soft skin  Some of them are simply outstanding with their talent to manipulate and with their power of personality, every man will be convinced of their fatality. She knows when she remains an enigma and a mystery to man and when she will stay like the deepest mark in his heart.

Sophie Vlaming by Costas

• Some theorists claim that fatality is born to us and that women are predisposed to be sexy and irresistible. There are pretty women that men are briefly interested, but there are also women who seem less attractive, and yet they “have something” and are so remarkable that men will totally lose their minds over them. Their fatality is the positive energy that glows from within and will shine only if a woman is satisfied with herself.

Sexologists claim that for men, women is Fatal when she shows her passion in bed and her will to please her partner.

It’s interesting that for men, femme fatale is always the unreachable or unforgotten love but very rarely his regular partner. Psychologists claim that something we never experienced or something that we most dream about is the reason for unexplained attraction, and that is why we experience such love as Fatal.

Who Could Say No to Femme Fatale?

Deep neckline, a short miniskirt, perfect skin tone, discreet makeup, long, groomed hair, legs up to the sky – a real beauty and she will attract the attention of all men. However, if the girl was perfect looking, it does not mean that she is the femme fatale. In fact, when sexy girls come to the male company, all of them start to stare and stammer. But if she does not have “something”, after half an hour they lose interest in her — well, except for the guys who will be happy to take her to bed, and then throw her away like an old rag.

According to British scientists, the fatal girl is the one who attracts the attention of the male gender with her charisma, behavior, and self-confidence. They do not attract attention with their deep neckline and with their perfect body, but with their behavior. Men like smart women, those with a good sense of humor. The sense of humor attracts him because we are full of stress these days and most want to relax and have fun. In addition, men are very competitive, and their entire life is spent trying to be the best and the brightest, and there’s nothing better than when you can laugh, relax, and have fun.

So, a good sense of humor is the strongest feature of the femme fatale, which she can use to attract any man.

Did You Know That The Fatal Woman is Not The Same as The Vampire Woman?


People often equate these two kinds of women, but certainly, they are not the same. The vampire woman is cold, demanding, and unavailable. This attracts a smaller population of men, which is totally contrary to the femme fatale. She is in some way “available”, and she does not excite a man with fear. Therefore, the femme fatale is far more fatal and far more attractive than the stereotypical vampire woman.

Discover The Beginning of Women’s Fatality!

Female rearview mirror
woman green mirror
Since women realized the magic of the mirror’s reflection, the important process of biological change began

Mirrors are one of the pillars of female power. Before the anonymous inventor figured out to paint over glass with a silver solution, women only knew to use the flat surface in a plate or natural water to see her face. Since she understood the magic of the mirror, she began the important process of biological change. At that point, the brains of these first women were not ready to realize the seriousness of the consequences, which comes from constantly checking one’s appearance.

Thus, the mirror transformed women into another being overnight. In her brain were all processes except the one that could constantly give her necessary self-confidence Suddenly, the mirror created an irresistible magic wand that constantly gave her some kind of force. With the mirror, the woman stepped forward, indirectly giving new troubles to man.

Loyal to the camera

Of course, men knew how women looked even before the invention of the mirror because he could see her, but she did not know what he saw and why he liked or disliked her. When this changed, the turning point came when the illusion, her important driver, received eternal importance. The illusion began to produce a variety of beliefs. First, the woman could imagine that she was beautiful even if she did not know how her real body looked. She could also deny her own undeniable beauty, thinking that she was not pretty enough.

Other women have seen how rivals look, but they could not compare themselves to them. That was fine for an early man, who in those early days, had a good chance for finding a partner. Today’s man needs to understand the causes of irresistible female mirror attachment and that can clarify which type of women is important to him.

The latter successors of mirrors are cameras of all kinds and they are such a favorite to women. Women’s commitment to the camera is the fact that nine-tenths of television presenters today are women.

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