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Female Fatal Gives you Advices How to Take Care for Cashmere and Leather Products!

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Known for its luxurious softness and significant insulation properties, cashmere is a high-end fiber that is used to create gorgeous sweaters, scarves, and clothing. The wool is derived from the initial layer of fleece of Kashmir goats that are mainly found in India, Mongolia, and China. Due to the time consuming process of production, the superior quality of the textile, and the rich merits of end product, Cashmere is a luxury item that is highly sought after. The delicate nature of this fabric means that it also requires special care when it comes to cleaning the fabric, as tossing it in the washing machine just won’t do.


Improper Care:

Caring for cashmere properly will make it last for years, retain its gorgeous properties, and even increase its softness over time. Before delving into how to keep precious cashmere looking as splendid as it did at first sight, there are a certain number of things that should be avoided.

Washing Machine:

Washing cashmere in the washing machine can cause the delicate fibers to come apart, ruining the soft fabric. In addition, because a washing machine can be rough on the fabric, it can significantly shorten the fabrics lifespan. While the washing machine method should be avoided, especially for 100% cashmere items, those that are only 70% cashmere can be washed by machine, but only on a delicate setting and with no other added clothing.

Cleaners jessica

The only reason to use a dry cleaner to care for one’s cashmere is with a trusted facility with experience caring for cashmere. In other cases, it is better to avoid the risk of ruining the garment and just use the preferred method of cleaning.

Proper Care

The optimal way to protect your fabric, help it last for years, and improve its softness over time is to simply hand wash the garment. Essentially, the process is quite basic. Fill up a small tub with warm water and add either a specially formulated cashmere wash or baby soap, turn the item inside out, and submerge it inside for 10-20 minutes. Once the time has passed, rinse the garment, press the water out (do not wring it dry), and lay it out in a sunless room to dry. Avoid hanging the item as it will ruin the shape. To properly store the item, place it in an airy bag so the item can breathe. To repel bugs, lavender is an excellent option that will also keep the garment smelling lovely.

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