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Female Fatal Gives you Advices How to Take Care for Cashmere and Leather Products!

Leather Goods!

Another item that also requires special care is leather. Belts, bags, and boots are all items that must be cleaned and cared for properly in order to retain their luster and softness. Aside from ensuring that the item retains its beauty, caring for leather properly also saves money, as it reduces one’s need to replace the item. Below is a guide on how to maintain the beauty of leather goods.


Improper Care:

There are four types of damaging elements that affect leather: oxidization, chemical, internal chafing, and abrasion. Improperly caring for leather accessories or not caring for them at all will cause the leather to dry out, flake, and eventually fall apart. In addition, leather boots just don’t look the same without shine and attention.

Follow these simple steps for easy care of your leather goods:

Light Dust/Dirt: For light care, surface dirt can be removed with a slightly damp cloth.

Scuffs: To rid of scuffs, leather oil cleaner on a gentle cloth works well. Simply apply a bit of oil to the cloth and massage into the leather. Go over the entire item so that it leaves a uniform appearance.

leather fatal

Conditioning: Once the leather has been cleaned, follow up with conditioning. Conditioning the leather will help it stay soft, smooth, and protect it from drying. There are many types of different conditioners, so it is best to match up the conditioner to the item that needs to be tended.

Polish: The final method is polishing the leather, which will ensure a constant shine. Because shoe polish can be a bit toxic and damaging to the skin, it is best to wear gloves during the cleaning process. Just add a dab of polish to a dry cloth and buff the accessory or shoe.

Every woman cares about her luxurious cashmere and leather treasures. As precious luxury items, both cashmere and leather goods require special attention. Follow the above recommendations in order to preserve the quality and beauty for years to come.

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