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Finally, Guys – Are Revealed !

man crying

Completely by accident, I’ve found an article, of course in one of those magazines for the girls, an article, which is saying that men are the ones who are gossiping, crying, being jealous, and denying all of those things. And as it is kind of my area of interest, I’ve decided to share some of my thoughts with you. So, here we go:
Men gossiping

GOSSIPING: I’ll start an explanation by saying simple truth: Men friendship is much stronger than women friendship. Men could give their life for their friend, and the woman could take her friends life, or better said, figuratively speaking, to put the knife in her friends back. So, this means that gossiping is not the same thing when men and women are doing it. Men circle of friends is strictly confidential, and although we like to share some „hunting stories“ whatever we say is staying in the circle of trust. Unfortunately, when girls are gossiping, almost nothing stays in the circle. So, my point here is simple, yes, men are gossiping, but the information almost never goes further. So, my dear girls , please accept it, you will be the topic, but most probably you will never find out about it.

 CRYING:  Yes, guys are crying too, but they are trying to hide it. It is simple, although our brain has developed and we have evolved, we are still animals. And every animal group has alpha males. So, the guys who are crying in front of their friends usually receive only mocking, not compassion. That’s the reason why men are hiding their tears . Also, by crying, he minimizes his value as a potential alpha male, so, his chances for extension of species are lower. This is something that happens in our subconscious, but it is really effective, even today when we are thousands years away from being the cave men. Simple as that.
man crying

JEALOUSY:  This topic is huge and connected to the previous one. There is one awful truth that needs to be said (sorry guys): Men who are in love, they are not the jealous ones, the ones who are insecure are jealous. The lack of self-confidence, mixed up with cowardice, insecurity, complexes and fears are the main causes of jealousy. So, the guys like that are more prone to making scenes, becoming jealous with no obvious reason, controlling. To be clear, I’m not justifying, just explaining. Simply said, if your guy is insanely jealous, run away from him, trust me, you don’t need him.

Jealous boyfriend

As a summary, I can say that no one is perfect, and as long as we understand each other, my dear ladies, we will make love and not war.

Nikola Jovanovic is People watcher. Open-minded, curious, always ready for new experiences. Likes good discussions. World citizen. His mind never rests.


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