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The Most Famous Woman of The Twentieth Century! Marilyn Monroe!

Marilyn Monroe

From Norma Dougherty to Marilyn Monroe !

As a 15-year-old she was chosen for school “sexy girl” and after that she left the school. She lived with Grace McKee and her husband, and at that time started dating 20-year old man from the neighborhood, James Dougherty.

After a few months there was a new problem – Grace and her husband were planning to move and could not take Norma with them, so she threatened to return her to the orphanage.

The best solution, thought Grace, was Norma’s marriage. So she went to her boyfriend mother and proposed to her that the couple married. James was initially reluctant but eventually agreed and still married Norma after she turned 16th .

Marilyn Monroe

While James served in the Merchant Marine, Norma began working in the Radioplane Munitions Factory. The factory was owned by movie star Reginald Denney. During that time, David Conover was sent to the factory by his commanding officer, future US president Captain Ronald Reagan to shoot morale-boosting photographs for Yank, the Army Weekly magazine of young women helping the war effort. That photographer suggested her to apply to the agency for models and discovered a star.

She was told they look for models with lighter hair, so she changed her brown to golden blonde hair .

After some time she has become the most successful model in the agency and has appeared on the covers of numerous magazines. Her successful modeling career brought her to the attention of Ben Lyon a 20th Century Fox Executive who arranged a screen tets for her. Lyon didn’t like the name Norma Jeane so he suggested “Marilyn”, commenting that she reminded him of Marilyn Miller.

Marilyn Monroe

At that time, Hollywood magazines coveted for extreme sex symbol who will become competition passionate Italian actresses who are occupying Hollywood, like Gina Lollobrigade. Marilyn saw her future – want to make a great seductress and become a star. Marilyn became a master in advertising herselves in hopes of getting a movie deal. Part of her strategy was to arrive late to make a spectacular entrance.

She wore the black or bright red very tight dresses with high neckline, without underwear.

Her plan to be noticed is managed quickly, then turned to films offers and Merlin becomes a big star.

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