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The Most Famous Woman of The Twentieth Century! Marilyn Monroe!

Marilyn Monroe

The American Dream !

The story of an actress who has achieved the “American dream” at the child that nobody wanted, became the woman we all love and want, even today leaves no one indifferent.

Marilyn starred in thirty films, graced the covers of numerous magazines, married and divorced three times, having many affairs (the most famous are those with brothers Kennedy).

Although the acting skills of Marilyn Monroe is often doubted, the same can not be said for her fashion sense . Marilyn became an style icon that can only be described as flawless! Her style was copied by many. Her platinum curly hair, full lips, big eyes, mole above the lips and perfect figure worshiped photographers around the world.

Marilyn Monroe

Her photographs were found on the covers of Voga, Vanity Fair, The Times Magazine, and many others – both before and after her death.

Among the many outfits three are remembered in pop culture: white dresses made by William Traviata (William Travil), which was Marilyn wore when the wind picked up from the subway skirt (sold at auction 2011. 5.6 million dollars); pink dress from the movie “Men prefer blondes”, by Marilyn wore when performing the famous song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” was sold for the 213,000 pounds ; shiny transparent dress with rhinestones, in which Marilyn sang the birthday song to the then US President, John Kennedy – reached a price of 1.26 million dollars.

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