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Find out Which Boots are the Most Expensive!


Belgian jewelers at Design Week in Hong Kong presented women’s boots worth around $ 3.1 million.

But those boots are not only the most expensive they are also the most hideous. For some unexplained reason, the uglier things are, the more they will cost you.

The most expensive women’s boots ever made ​​are covered with a layer of precious 39.083 diamond in gray and pink color; they are covered also with polished diamonds in champagne color total weight of 1.550 carats.

The entire process of designing, sewing and putting diamonds lasted 30 hours, they are made ​​to order Antwerp world diamond center in collaboration with the jeweler’s “Diarough” and with the famous designer “F. A. Vandevorst “.

This boots are really impressive, but before stepping outside the house with them we need to think 1000 times. 😉

Check the Galery !


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