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Who Is The Queen of Chic and Simplicity? The Unique Style Icon-Kate Moss!

kate moss


Kate Moss- well-known style !

Short denim shorts, fur as the main item, classic unusual coats, eye-catching prints (leopard often) narrow jeans and high heels or biker boots – all she dressed and put on herself draws attention and becomes a must have immediately. Kate Moss style is most easily described as the perfect imperfection. But how else to describe a woman who sets the fashion standard although very often, she looks very messy, without makeup on her face and with messy hair, Kate doesn’t fit into the picture always perfectly dressed models.

On the contrary, she combines disparate fashion pieces so they look just perfect. Kate never blindly follow fashion trends, she has her own unique style that is copied by the women around the world. When all the girls wore jeans with a drop waist, Kate wore jeans with high waist – and of course, soon everyone followed her choice. kate moss

Kate Moss style is casual, vintage and rock, but she is doing well in elegant combinations for the red carpet. Aside from her private life, Kate is a lady when she wants to be. Kate worn cocktail dresses usually with a belt around the waist, with natural makeup , casual hairstyle , she looks young, fun and sexy. It is no surprise that the prestigious fashion magazine Vogue declared Kate for the best dressed woman of the decade: “She looks every time chic and relaxed… we choose women who are creative, unique and original” –explained Alexandra Kotur-editor of Vogue, whose cover was Kate Moss more than 40 times. In the past ten years, none as Kate had such an impact on women’s style of dress.

Kate often wearing her own clothing brand Topshop, but she usually buys vintage clothing pieces, which completes with interesting jewelry. Instead of the overpriced designer stores, Kate buys in second-hand shops. Hippie, punk, rock, sexy, stylish, twenties, sixties, seventies of the twentieth century … Kate Moss can wears any fashion era, and gives it a personal touch. She is truly the queen of street-style.

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