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Find Out Why Helping Other People Makes You Better Person!

Les Couleurs Charity

Last week in New York City was crazy busy for me, in addition to my regular job, I attended so many events! ☺

Les Couleurs Charity Organization had their latest Event in a series of monthly event’s.  I’ve never mentioned this wonderful Charity Organization where I volunteer – so I’ll tell you about it now!

The three main goals of Les Couleurs Charity are to educate, heal and inspire children who come from extremely low socio-economic backgrounds and have experienced various forms of abuse. With our CREATE Program, we are the first organization of our kind, currently operating in Haiti, that harnesses the power of art therapy to assist in the cognitive, psychological and physical development of the children we are dedicated to serving. Imagine growing up with all the creative potential inside of you that you are never able to express, because nobody showed you how to paint, sing or write poetry … read more

Helping others awakens something in us … a feeling that we have done something useful and that feeling makes us happy.

This is my life’s motivation. I think that helping others is actually life meaning.

People who help others find it fulfilling… they are satisfied with themselves and their lives.

I’m very happy that I’m part of this charity organization – with a small gift of my time and myself, I can put smiles on those children’s faces.

You don’t need to be part of any Charity Organization if you don’t want to, but at least help your friends, neighbors, colleges at work, an old lady on the street, donate your old clothes that you don’t wear any more … etc.

Say thank you more often, tell your loved ones how much you love them, how much they mean to you… there are so many ways to put smiles on other people’s faces.

Believe me when you sense what it means to help somebody else, this feeling won’t leave you indifferent. I’m telling you from my own experience. Try and let me know 😉

Here are some photos of all the happy people who came to our Les Couleurs Charity Event last week, people who donate their time, money, goodwill to put smiles on Haitian children’s faces. Hope that you can feel at least a little bit of wonderful atmosphere!☺

BIG Thank You to very talented opera singer Christiaan Smith-Kotlarek, our make up artist Christina Placide, photographer Maria Gordova, to all our sponsores – our CEO Aura Copeland & Raminta Lilaite and to all Les Couleurs Team!

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