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For Only 10 Minutes to Fuller Eyebrows!

Cara 3

Trends have changed when it comes to eyebrows. What used to be the trend were thinner, feminine looking eyebrows. While the idea is still to look feminine, fuller eyebrows are in demand nowadays. There are a few simple steps that can be done at home to achieve this look without any major overhauls needing to be done. A few tools and beautification items make great gifts for girlfriends to help them stay up-to-date on this popular beauty trend.

Let them Grow Awhile!

Ideally, you have to have a good base to work with in order to achieve fuller eyebrows. This does require letting them grow out for a few weeks if you pluck, wax or trim. It is okay to trim hairs that go out of your designated lines but plucking should be avoided. This will help the process and will require less artistic work later.

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