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For Only 10 Minutes to Fuller Eyebrows!

Cara 3

Shape the Brows!

Use a personal trimmer to shape the eyebrows once you are ready to complete the fuller brow look. What you will want to do is shape them to complement the shape and position of your eyes. For some, making heavy eyelids look more open is the goal. In this case you would make an arched shape. The illusion of the eyes being more open comes from makeup tricks and careful eyebrow shaping techniques. Plucking to assist the shaping process is okay if it is done sparingly. Waxing should be avoided during the shaping process as it can cause an uneven brow line. This will throw off the entire design.


When shaping the eyebrows, make sure that you have shaped them evenly. While some minor uneven areas can be filled in with a pencil, it is best to prevent having to do this as much as possible. When people are up close, it is easy to see the difference between an eyebrow pencil and the actual eyebrow hairs.

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