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For Only 10 Minutes to Fuller Eyebrows!

Cara 3

Use an Illuminator!

An illuminator or highlighter can be used under the arches of the brow to help them look more full, even and prominent. This beauty trick is easily achieved by using a light colored shimmer eye shadow or highlighting pencil just under the arch line in the brow. If you are using a pencil, consider an eye shadow pencil that is thick and has some shimmer to it. It will help you to be more precise in highlighting the brow line. You can blend this in with the shadow that is on the top part of the eyelid by using an eye shadow brush.


With fuller eyebrows being in demand, many women are considering using Rogaine treatments on them. This does work but it has to be done carefully. Using Rogaine does take a little time but is faster than just letting the brows grow out. It literally only takes 10 minutes to follow the steps past letting the brows grow out. Trimming can easily be done with a personal trimmer, razor or pair of small scissors.

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