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How to Stop Emotional Overeating?

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Let’s face it – mankind is going through difficult times. Most people feel anxiety during coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. And in that situation what we do? We eat.

Emotional overeating means to eat whatever reason but hunger. We are eating because we feel lonely, sad, jealous, afraid, nervous…Food makes us forget everything and forget when to stop.

Signs of Emotional Overeating

If it happens often that you eat when not hungry, the reasons are emotion.

Signs of emotional overeating:

  • Taking food when you are satiated
  • Taking food to feel better
  • Food as a reward
  • Eating to avoid a stressful situation


How to Stop Eating Your Emotions

You should try with a diary. Write down all food you eat that day and how you feel before taking it. It could help to see the pattern. Maybe you’ll see in which situation you take junk food.

Make a scale of hunger when you feel it. For example, when you feel a desire for eating evaluate it with numbers from 1 to 10. 1 means starving, 10 means that you are full. 5 and 6 is a balance between that. If your hunger evaluation is above 6, stop and think about your emotions.

Replace junk food with a glass of water or tea. Call a friend or take a walk. Take a deep breath and think about what is bothering you.

If you are really hungry, eat something healthy. There are so many delicious fruits and vegetables that you can prepare in a healthy way. You will feel better at the moment you did something good for your body and health.

And the moment your weight starts to go down you’ll feel great! You know that feeling when you find old jeans actually fit you? Or a mini dress in which your legs look long and lean? Priceless!

Remember, you can do whatever you decide! You can look fabulous again. You know why? Because you are Female Fatal.

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