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Do You Feel Pretty?

Pretty Woman

I don’t have much time to watch movies, even though I love movies. I usually choose comedies, sci-fi, or psycho-trillers, depending on my mood.

A couple of days ago, I choose one with an interesting title – I feel pretty. Sounded like something romantic, predictable, silly, all that was exactly what I need in that moment.

Yes, the movie is all above, but also has two very good and important messages.

First, it’s not about what happens in your life, but how you see it. Your attitude and focus are key things for happy life. If you stay positive and focused on the good only, you will come out of every negative situation as a winner. That doesn’t mean you will ignore bad situations, it just means that you’ll understand  that everything happens for a reason and you’ll accept the situation easily.

Second, LOVE YOURSELF. Self-esteem comes from within. Doesn’t matter if your weight or height is higher/lower than “normal” (who defines what normal is?!), your legs are short, your nose is big, your boobs are small…you are pretty! And if you feel pretty, you will have confidence. Confidence is attractive! Confidence is something you should wear wherever you go and whatever you do.

Love yourself

I know so many beautiful women without confidence. They have difficulties in their relationships. They are insecure, possessive, and jealous. Always hungry for proving love and attention.

On the other hand, I know women who are less physically attractive, but their self-esteem is great. What do you think, who have better-quality relationships? The one with high confidence of course!

Look at the mirror in the morning and say to yourself: HELLO GORGEOUS! You look pretty today. I feel pretty! Wow. (After that open your full closet and complain that you have nothing to wear 😊 .You are a woman. That is normal.)

Dear Females Fatal, I hope this text will help you in your path of personal growth. If you need professional guidance just visit my page www.milorcoaching.com or leave a comment here. Have a beautiful day!

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