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Impress Your Man In Bed With 3 Moves That He Adore!

talking dirty

There are a lot of ways to turn on your man in bed, but there are only 3 moves which will make him worship you as much as possible. Foreplay is an important part of sexual intercourse. It is a sweet introduction to what comes as a main event later on. It doesn’t take a science project to figure out what is the best way to impress your man in bed, practically, rarely there is a man in the world that cannot resist to the following moves:

1 .  Talk Dirty !

talking dirty dirty talk

Talking dirty in bed is not a new to the 21st century. In fact it was not even new to the previous millennium. But let’s just say that dirty talk in bed has developed during the second half of the 20th century. The bottom line is this – men have been exposed (and always are) to erotic and pornographic materials, such as magazines and videos, from their puberty years. Hardly can a man avoid the content of an erotic media. Most of his knowledge of in-bed activities comes from those sources. And what are those erotic sources full of – different fantasies accompanied with dirty talk . Another fact that supports the dirty talk in bed is that it creates a strong sexy fantasy image in his mind, which accompanied by real physical sexual contact (you), launches his satisfaction way into space.

2 .  Jump on Him !

This strategy works very good on both sexes. All couples, whether they are married or in a relationship, like the surmised urge for sex. Sexual intercourse doesn’t necessarily have to be in the bedroom late in the evening or in the night. Jumping on your man like a cougar after its pray; ripping his clothes of and tossing him on the couch will surprise him without a doubt. jump on him
Your man will get the sexual fantasy like he has been attacked by a predator not for food, but for sexual satisfaction. His testosterone levels will sky-rocket. Surprise him in the shower, take off his clothes when he is in the middle of putting them on and etc.

3 .  Let Your Hand Roam !

The first and most important thing about sexual intercourse is to take it slow. This goes for both, male and female ; especially for men since they have proven to be less patient in bed then woman . So, to test and train his patience, feel free to let your hand roam all over his body without touching the most important part. The thought of being satisfied with out his intervention can drive him crazy if you ignore his “tool”. Let him know that the more he anticipates, the better the sexual nirvana will be. let your hand roam
Roaming with the hand all over the body is probably the most important segment of the foreplay. Not only will it increase his sexual desire, but you will start to feel it too. Since he is the one under sensual torture, you will also be bewitched by this game-play. His soft moans and breathing will quickly turn trigger your own sexual desires.

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