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Isn’t it Time to Take Care of Your Body? You Can Start With 10 Healthiest Foods for Your Skin,Hair and Nails!

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We are what we eat – this goes the same for our skin , hair and nails. Keeping a healthy diet not only reflects our physical and mental health, but it also affects the strength and looks of the skin, hair and nails. Here are the 10 healthiest foods which can make all three look beautiful as well as strong.

1 .   Chia Seeds is one of the greatest natural sources of omega 3 fat acids which are very important for the skin , hair and nails. It will also be responsible for your positive mood .

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2 .    Avocado is full of antitoxins and good fat – an important key to healthy skin, hair and nails. The avocado is very effective when it comes to extorting nutrients from other foods .


3 .   Eggs are rich with biotin that is considered to be the holy Grale of beautiful skin , hair and nails. But you must be careful when consuming eggs, too much eggs leads to nausea and vomiting. The body cannot take a lot of the egg’s nutrients at one time.

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4 .   Nut fruits are full of Zink helps in the fight against acnes. A mixture of almonds and nuts is a great nutrient for healthy skin.

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5  Salmon is rich in Omega 3 fat acid, which strengthens the skin, hair and nails, improves the production of carotene.


6 .   Sea fruits like Algae improve the strength of the skin, hair and nails and also makes a complete body detoxication.


7 .   Water with lemons is a combination which supplies the body with vitamin C. This vitamin maintains the purity of the hair, flushes out toxins from our body, reduces the risk of rash and wrinkles.

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8 .   Spinach is a low-calorie vegetable full of iron and B vitamins. With these nutrients you can enjoy the glow of your hair , healthy eyes and healthy skin . It is preferable that you consummate the spinach raw, so you won’t miss out on the complete nutrients which can be lost when the spinach is boiled.


9 .   Maka dust is reduces the aging process of the skin, helps the problem with wrinkles and is a great source of essential vitamins, minerals and fat acid.

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10 .   The Cucumber hydrates the organism and reduces the risks of tiny lines and wrinkles on the skin. You can use pieces of cucumber on your skin to avoid puffy eyes and wrinkled skin .


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