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It’s spring time! Start Your Sexual Energy! Here is 17 Ways How to Release Your Wild Side!

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1.  Put some make-up and do your hair with no clothes on. Create a harmony with your body from early in the morning and you’ll be aware of the various sensations throughout the next 12 hours.

Putting make up 6

2.  Put on sexy lingerie under your office clothes. The sexy secret you have under the clothes will turn on the lustful side of your mind.

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3.  Put on the perfume you use most often when you go out with a man (a scent is always    connected to emotions, so the perfume will re-live the passionate moments of a hot night).

Woman spraying perfume

4.  Let down your hair. The touch of long hair on your shoulders, back and face will get you in the mood for flirting.

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5.  Make a lunch full of passion. Magnesium is the ingredient most responsible for creating passionate desires. You can find it in Salvia, Spinach and Chocolate .


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6.  Never miss a quick massage while waiting for the pedicure. It is the best way to prepare your skin to shine.


7.  Read (if you still haven’t) an erotic story or a novel. Reading a description of a sexual act is able to activate the certain hormone levels in your brain which will lift your libido to the highest level.

Woman reading

8.  Buy yourself one of those wire scalp massagers. It sounds awkward but that simple massager is able to trigger certain erogenic zones on your head.

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9.  Stretch – Yoga exercises can turn on your sexual desires. The pose you should try is the Footwear Pose. While you sit on the floor, put on foot behind the other; place your hands on the ankles; lean forward and let the knees as low as you can. That way you open your hips and focus on your inner organs.


10.  Use Shower Gel with a scent of cucumber. The scent acts as an aphrodisiac.

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11.  Put one of his t-shirt on when you exercise in the gym or when you hang out at home. Research has shown that men’s scent is able to arouse a female’s sexual desires.


12.  Go to a live sport game, sit in the front row and cheer as much as you can. The competitive atmosphere raises the testosterone levels, which will make you ready for the hot moments in bed once you get home.

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13.  Put on a red shirt under your suit, wear tight cherry-color jeans or out on a red nail polish. Research has shown that red color is able to attract members of the opposite sex.

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14.  While you apply hand cream, press the point on your writs right under your pinkie finger for 30 seconds. In acupuncture, this spot is connected to sexuality.

applying hand lotion

15.  At home, turn on soft music and pour yourself a glass of red wine. Not only will you relax in the moment, the wine will speed up your bloodstream which also affects the places under the belt.

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16.  While you are in the company of your beloved one, threat yourself with spicy food, like Italian or Indian; it’s just one more way to spice up the mood .

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17.  Sleep naked. The touch of soft sheets while under worm covers will remind you that you only need “Him” and a bit of erotic will .

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