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Luxury, Artistic and Colorful Prada Bags For Spring 2014


 ” I hate the idea that you should’t wear something just because you’re a certain age” Miuccia Prada 

This is definitely my favorite fashion quote. That’s  how I like to shop and how I like to think about clothes and fashion.:)

Prada  spring 2014 collection was designed to be a colorful expression of feminism, and each artist was instructed to create works featuring strong women that would serve as the background for the fashion show. Images from those murals were picked up for use on the clothes and accessories.

Perfection, that’s all. Prada doesn’t follow anyobody’s rules. She creates the trends.Her intention is always to find a new way to empower women through clothes.

And as with everything Prada makes, their bags are the ultimate fashion accessory. Love the retro bags with the modern spin of color and paintings. Miuccia said she was inspired by “the political wall art from Mexican muralists such as Diego Rivera.”

Which is your favorite?





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