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Make Him Realize How Important You Are For Him!

sad couple

You love him a lot and he loves you too. Things were pretty good between both of you in the beginning, but lately something seems to be not fine. You hardly find time to spend for each other, and it is because of his busy schedule. It is annoying you, but there is nothing much you could do as he always has a reason for not spending quality time with you.

You were his world, but now his job and targets are all that, he could think of. Such things cannot be taken lightly as it affects the relationship, no matter how old it is. Things might go wrong if one or both of them don’t find time to spend with each other. Now the question is what to do if your boyfriend recently has been spending no time with you at all. Don’t pick up a fight with him, as he doesn’t have time for you. Instead, let him know what you exactly feel about him, and why you feel let down at this time.

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