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Me And My “BERTA” Experience! Behind the Scene!

Berta NYC

Saturday – April 18th was a most thrilling day for me – It was a great honor to get invitation from my favorite wedding designer “Berta” to visit them in Marriott Essex House NYC during their NY Bridal Market.

Female fatal and Berta

Berta NYC 2015

My Dears I can not explain that feeling – I went inside the room and I had a feeling that all those gorgeous dresses were singinng and celabrating Love! They dangled there but they looked so alive – outstanding and unreal. Even better in real life than in all the photos. I could feel all love in every inch of needlework that Berta put in, and every dress is a story in itself.

Two very lovely sisters – Liana and Natalie were handling guests and helping with the dresses.

Berta’s Host was Nir Moscovich -their  director of International Sales. He was a very pleasent, hospitable and professional young gentleman answering all questions asked by the owners and managers of retail stores.

“Each and every creation in this collection is a masterpiece. A quick look will allow you to easily notice the amount of thought and design-work that was put into each dress. Every gown is made from nothing but the finest materials, and is only handled by the most talented craftsman.” said Nir.

To make one “Berta” dress, it takes five months of manual labor – so my dear future brides, order your dress on time.

And I just couldn’t resist trying on some of those splendent and breathtaking dresses. I must say that I’m not a model 🙂 and I do apologize in advance for my unprofessional and serious look :-).

Big Thanks to my Photographer Dalibor Plavsic and to my make up artist Christina Placide.

Berta and Female Fatal
Berta NYC
IMG_5407Berta and Female Fatal IMG_5404IMG_5406IMG_5408Berta NYC



















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